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Features writer, columnist, and journalist. Wilderness, travel, people, wildlife, people-wildlife interactions.

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Ganga article

Turtles simply cannot clean the toxic sludge that is the River Ganga ...

In an effort to clean the Ganga, the government will build 400 crematoriums to take care of the many dead, but the turtles will have to deal with the rest.

Graphic crocs article

Did crocodile hunters use babies as bait in India? - Firstpost

If news reports are to be believed, hunters' use of human babies appears to have been prevalent in India, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Nilgai 380 article

Culling Nilgai: To manage wildlife conservation and human interests ...

There's no evidence that increasing animal numbers leads to more dependence on human foods. Then how can culling alleviate the situation?

Tiger reuters article

Ken-Betwa link: First project in grand river interlinking scheme is ...

The National Water Development Agency makes unscientific assumptions to declare the Ken has surplus water and the Betwa, deficit.

Open uri20160502 24614 qv15q0 article

Why relocating badly behaved wild elephants doesn't work - Firstpost

Ultimately, elephants and humans both pay the price when development projects pay no heed to animal occupancy....

Open uri20160502 24614 r4tas4 article

Why we have to be careful about losing the forest for roads - Firstpost

Where roads already run through parks, a complete ban on night traffic is necessary. A forest is better whole than the sum of its many parts....

Open uri20160502 24614 16n1l0s article

Coral reefs turn ghostly white as El Niño creates mayhem in Lakshadweep - Firstpost

The waters of the Lakshadweep archipelago are so warm that coral reefs are bleaching, warn marine biologists....

Open uri20160502 24614 x254fn article

Two Indias: Medical tourism destination and malaria hotbed - Firstpost

Malaria ranks among the top 10 causes of death in the Northeast. According to the World Health Organization, 311 million people are at high risk of contracting the disease in India....

Open uri20160502 24614 zsx28j article

When Hindutva replaces rational thought in our green movements - Firstpost

By using particular icons and tapping specific belief systems, many environmentalists and conservationists reaffirm the worldviews of the dominant caste and religion. Can we preach respect for nature while practicing hegemony over other people?...

Open uri20160502 24614 uvyxdb article

How dogs have played a part in killing wildlife - Firstpost

There are more dogs in our country than tigers, leopards, wolves, hyenas and all other wild predators put together. There is no doubt that the over-population of dogs in India has contributed to a tremendous amount of disruption and killing of wildlife....

Open uri20160502 24614 wer8k7 article

Religion vs conservation: When will pilgrims stop polluting our forests? - Firstpost

No matter what category of protection these wild areas enjoy, they are at the mercy of invading mobs on religious red-letter days....

Open uri20160502 24614 1mo3004 article

Conservation hypocrisy: Again, they come for the forest dwellers - Firstpost

India’s Environmental History puts our current approach to conservation and forest dwellers in perspective: it is an outmoded, unjust and futile strategy in a society aspiring for egalitarianism....

Open uri20160502 24614 1lba24r article

Six critical areas where the new national wildlife plan falls short - Firstpost

To be effective, the National Wildlife Plan needs to be flexible enough to absorb scientific advances and learn from experiences....

Open uri20160502 24614 1idj62d article

Indian navy jeopardising pristine Nicobar island? - Firstpost

A small Nicobar island has been carefully protected by three family clans for years. Now the Indian Navy wants the island for target practice and the clans are aghast. Will the island's ecosystem survive the missiles?...

Open uri20160515 12298 s1tcji article

Mangroves have many uses, just not tsunami protection - Firstpost

There are many views on the best way to protect coastlands against Tsunamis. Sand dunes might be the best answer....