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Features writer, columnist, and journalist. Wilderness, travel, people, wildlife, people-wildlife interactions.

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Venom article

Sting in the tale: Why this image of a Rs 245 crore snake venom bust ...

Reports claiming illicit snake venom trade worth crores do a disservice to Indian snakes.

Spiti article

In remote Himalayas, Indian herders are finding new ways around ...

Everyone thinks the way of life of nomadic pastoralists is dying out. A ground report reveals otherwise.

Leo article

How leopards came to live peacefully with Mumbai’s residents

A large metropolis with 20,000 people per square km coexisting with one of the highest densities of a big carnivore is an unprecedented situation anywhere in the world....

Camel article

Why Rajasthan's ban on camel slaughter may actually end up reducing their numbers

If the government was concerned about declining camel numbers, it should have solved the problems faced by the community of God’s own camel herders: the Raikas....

Dogs article

Meet India's newest anti-poaching warriors: 14 German Shepherds

Over the past seven years, sniffer dogs have detected more than 100 cases of wildlife trafficking that have resulted in prosecutions. But India needs many more than the 27 canines now on the job....

Monkey article

How clashes between farmers and monkeys in north India are rising, with no solution in sight

Ignoring expert advice, both state and central governments are failing to balance animal conservation with humans' requirements....