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Features writer, columnist, and journalist. Wilderness, travel, people, wildlife, people-wildlife interactions.

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Monk article
The Guardian

Indigenous tribe opposes hydropower projects in Tawang | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: An indigenous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, the Monpa, fears its religious and cultural sites will be affected by 15 hydroelectric projects...

Tiger article
The Guardian

India: No country for wild tigers? | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Authorities seek to widen a road that would cut wildlife corridors and put the future sustainability of three tiger reserves at risk...

Tiger article
The Guardian

Linking two rivers threatens to displace tigers | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: A project to connect two rivers will drown a large part of Panna national park in central India. Not only people, tigers will also be displaced...

Mangrove article
The Guardian

Coastal conservation doesn’t get its due | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: The state is ignoring conservation, ecological and social concerns in its pursuit of building a shipping port in Aghnashini estuary...

Ele article
The Guardian

Elephants electrocuted by sagging power lines | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Many elephants get electrocuted by low-slung overhead electric cables before authorities take action...

Vulture article
The Guardian

Indian government takes major step to save vultures | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Almost a decade after banning the veterinary drug diclofenac, the Indian government has banned large vials of the drug meant for human use...

Buff article
The Guardian

Long way to go to conserve wild water buffaloes | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: The government is funding wild water buffalo conservation, but armed rebels overrun its habitat and much work needs to be done to protect the species...

Ele article
The Guardian

When neither wildlife nor humans respect borders | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Nature Without Borders is a collection of essays that chronicles conservation efforts in farmlands, pastures, rivers, and seas. People grow crops, harvest fish, and graze livestock in areas where many species of wildlife also live and hunt....

Obama article
The Guardian

Indians are not impressed with US-China climate deal | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Indian think tank says the US-China climate deal is neither historic nor ambitious, and would lead to dangerous temperature rises...

Pnb article
The Guardian

French banks say no to Bangladesh coal plant | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Three French banks say they will not invest in Rampal power plant in Bangladesh. As the plant struggles for funding, a report says it is non-compliant with minimum environmental and social standards...

Delhi article
The Guardian

Why an opinion article on Delhi's air pollution upset many Indians | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: A New York Times story of an eight-year-old’s struggle to draw a breath of air set off a storm of protest. Was it a case of shooting the messenger?...

Dam article
The Guardian

Ecologically disastrous dams may get the go-ahead | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Eighteen months after the catastrophic Uttarakhand floods, dams repeatedly vetoed by experts for causing irreparable ecological damage are likely to be approved...

Dam2 article
The Guardian

Indian government to review hydroelectric dams | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: Within a week, India’s ministry of environment and forest finds itself committed to conducting an overall impact assessment of dams in the rivers Ganga and Brahmaputra...

Poll article
The Guardian

The UN climate summit reveals India's hypocrisy on saving forests | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: The question at the heart of climate change and forest conservation issues is: who bears the cost?...

Map article
The Guardian

Mapping areas most vulnerable to poaching and trafficking of tigers | Janaki Lenin

Janaki Lenin: The case of ‘Putin’s tiger’ recently put poaching into the media spotlight. In India, a new modelling exercise is helping to tackle the crime by mapping areas where tigers are most at risk...