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Features writer, columnist, and journalist. Wilderness, travel, people, wildlife, people-wildlife interactions.

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Wolf article
The Hindu

Running with the wolves

Conflict with predators is made-to-order in the Deccani grasslands but that is not how it plays out

King article
The Hindu

Sleeping with danger

In poet-saint Basavanna’s Karnataka, a king cobra tucked away in a cool bathroom gets fussed over while the snake catchers are warned not to harm it

Croc article
The Hindu

Life on the water's edge

Meet the people of Charotar who love crocodiles not as handbags or shoes but simply as amazing creatures of the wild

Bear article
The Hindu

The bear and the goatherd - The Hindu

A village plays host to a mother sloth bear until she leaves

Frog article
The Hindu

My Husband and other animals- The curse of the Tree Frog

If I thought the two-storey house we built on our farm in the shelter of a magnificent banyan tree was for us humans, I was sadly mistaken

Look article
The Hindu

Look before you leap - The Hindu

Woe betides the herpetologist who finds one with a tail almost the same length as the related species.

Ajoba article
The Hindu

Ajoba's story - The Hindu

Ajoba was a scientific pioneer, one who showed us that leopards are not jumpy, nervous animals, lashing out at humans at the slightest provocation.

Pee article
The Hindu

Indians gone potty - The Hindu

If lack of indoor plumbing put people in danger, you’d think they would change their behaviour.

Mithun article
The Hindu

My Husband and Other Animals - Mithun Rustlers - The Hindu

Thieves had tried to steal his family's mithun in the middle of the night.

Carni article
The Hindu

Carnivores in the neighbourhood

The tigress strode boldly across open farmlands, and crossed railway tracks and highways at night. She avoided venturing close to villages in her hunt for wild pigs. During the day, she hunkered down...

Open uri20160515 30557 17ske06 article
The Hindu

The Hindu : Magazine / Environment : Rainforest revival

Jul 17, 2005 ... PHOTO: JANAKI LENIN STARTING SMALL: Should this project succeed, it will change the profile of plantations across the Western Ghats....

Open uri20160515 30557 1r93auy article
The Hindu

The Hindu : Magazine / Environment : Monkey business

Oct 2, 2005 ... ... Quest | Folio |. Magazine · Printer Friendly Page · Send this Article to a Friend WORLD WILDLIFE WEEK. Monkey business. JANAKI LENIN ......

Mtn article
The Hindu

High on the mountain

In the darkness, someone whispers, “Here, here. Come here, there’s space.” My spouse Rom and I settle into the hard wooden chairs, in time to hear the musicians break into The Ventures’ ‘Walk, Don’t R...

Erika article
The Hindu

Tribals with microscopes

For all these contributions, these field assistants’ names may be mentioned in the acknowledgements section of reports and scientific publications. Their expertise is rarely recognised officially. Sin...

Dam article
The Hindu

Issues Not worth a dam

Jagdish Krishnaswamy, an ecohydrologist from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE), Bengaluru, says, “Minimum flow is a dynamic variable that changes from year to year. It c...