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Features writer, columnist, and journalist. Wilderness, travel, people, wildlife, people-wildlife interactions.

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Wasp article

Meet the Wasp That Sniffs With Its Bum - The Wire

Scientists from IISc, Bengaluru, performed experiments to highlight how a parasitic wasp’s egg-laying appendage is like a sophisticated sensor.

Tiger article

Interview: 'No One Needs to See Another Portrait of an Animal, You ...

Steve Winter is a conservation photographer noted for his work with National Geographic and the use of camera traps to snap pictures in the wild.

Plastic article

Could a Pest of the Honey Industry Clean up Plastic Waste? - The Wire

In 12 hours, 100 wax moth caterpillars had reduced a mass of plastic by 92 milligrams, the fastest plastic degradation process known so far.

Lion article

Does Dental Disease Push Big Cats to Prey on Humans?

One of the infamous lions of Tsavo suffered from a debilitating abscess that may have been the cause of its macabre diet.

Ant article

No Ants Left Behind: Why Do Ants Rescue Their Injured Mates ...

Since Matabele ants go out in force, raid and return as a column, any ants that lag behind are at high risk.

Frog article

Glassfrogs Pee on Their Eggs to Protect Them - The Wire

The study also found that, apart from parental care being widespread in this group of frogs, the females are primary caregivers in many species, contrary to prevailing wisdom.

Mob article

Why Mobs Have No Place in a Wildlife Emergency

It’s inexcusable that India’s states continue to function without crowd-control procedures in place and make decisions by the seat of their pants.

Star article

Despite Arrests, Illegal Trade in Star Tortoises Continues

A tristate junction in south India seems to have been exporting tens of thousands of star tortoises every year. Are populations being wiped out?

Bird article

How Two Western Ghats Songbirds Evolved Into Multiple New ...

The distinct endemic genera of birds challenges a widely held belief that India’s avifauna were merely species within broad genera found outside India.

Fish article

A Unique Event Observed in Lakshadweep: How Fish Colonise Reefs

Two biologists witnessed a critical period when the fish larvae forsake their nomadic open-water existence for life in the undersea garden of corals, in Lakshadweep.

Ice article

Ice Stupa Architect Sonam Wangchuk Wins Rolex Award

To solve water problems in a cold desert, Wangchuk came up with a path-breaking idea: freeze millions of litres of water in the form of ‘ice stupas’.

Spiti article

How Climate Change Affects Shepherds & Their Pastoral Livelihoods

Every spring in Spiti, shepherds pay villages a fee and have their flock graze in their pastures. This tradition is now under threat from climate change.

6801981960 5f6b0d02ab k article

Do Dogs Threaten People's Right to Safety in Public Spaces?

People can’t avoid being attacked if authorities mandate that dogs will live on the streets. And this is neither compassionate towards dogs nor people.

6997585071 646118ba9b k article

Moray Eels Knot Themselves to Pry Prey

The tricks moray eels use to hunt may mean that they can have a bigger impact on their ecosystems than any other predator of similar size.

Humpback1 article

How Humpback Whales Save Other Mammals from Being Hunted

When killer whales target humpback calves, the large slow-swimming whales cannot outrun their pursuers. They put up a fight, slapping their enormous tails and flippers on the surface, charging at the predators, and bellowing.